An exploding YELLOW SEED-moment is -
cancelling all insurances and having not a single doubt that you are safe.

this day-energy combines
the potential

yellow seed

focus on blossom
other possible topics:
  • sow your seed today in the awareness that it might not grow today
  • structure establishes itself from healthy growth
but also:
  • security thinking
with the dynamic

2 – stabilize!

TWO defines within the game of opposites a maximum arena for subjects the potentials offer. Obstacles and challenges introduce the process of awareness. Embrace your subject and nourish it with attention.

A visionary BLUE EAGLE-moment is -
stepping back to perceive that the solution was always there just in front of you.

blue eagle

backs you up!
this potential is your cuddly teddy bear and will always understand you
  • self-responsibility
  • global awareness
  • create

A fearless YELLOW WARRIOR-moment is -
knowing exactly which questions to ask without playing arrogant games.

yellow warrior

gives you
this potential is your light in the dark and leads you out of tricky situations
  • listen to your inner voice
  • harmonize intuition and intellect
  • self-forgiveness

An enchanting WHITE WIZARD-moment is -
leaving the magic wand in your pocket so that others can make their own experiences.

white wizard

challenges you!
this potential is your kryptonite, but opposites only attract to create a new balance
  • personal power and control
  • passive-aggressive
  • egoistic action

A deep BLUE NIGHT-moment is -
a free diver ascending from the abyss back to the surface being a second away from the first breath.

blue night

is the current wave –
all day-energies respond
13 days long to its command

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one... the aim of the 15th wave is to strengthen the balance between the conscious and unconscious world in the Flow-Universe. Therefore, the wave BLUE NIGHT will tease out in these 13 days your deeply hidden dream worlds as well as further connections to other reality levels (apart from TV-series). In the so called „dream field" abundance and the endlessness of cosmic feeling are waiting for you, in order to balance your world of shortage. Dive deep into it, but check your totem first! If you allow this view into your inner self, you will discover a not yet lived richness, which can quickly manifest itself in your outer world. This wave supports you, to look at your abysses and shadow aspects and to accept them, in order to follow them and learn through them. If you dare to consciously face your shortage in life, you will be rewarded. Expand into this potential and be thankful for the richness it offers. Let go of your rigid beliefs and begin the adventure with the unknown. This potential additionally strengthens your instinct for your own border, on an emotional as well as a bodily level. Dreaming of a better world may be essential, but to accommodate this with the desire to totally withdraw to a monastery can't be a solution either (and it would be such a shame for your hairstyling).
For Mud-Wrestlers it is easy here to unconsciously loose the capability to inform or generally share something with others. In the shade of this wave mental rigidness, distinctive judgments, fear of change as well as over done self criticism can be reinforced. Be careful with inner and subjective points of view. Suppressed desire for adventure can bring up restlessness or irresponsible behavior. So, be a conscious Flow-Rider and make conscious experience from the possibilities you have!

“is there an insurance for this?” VERSUS “twenty-two positions in a one-night-stand”
Your new birth year has following aims:
  • to show you your inner richness
  • through the strength of growing-beyond-yourself
  • challenged to release control.
  • Take care: an excursion out of the comfort zone surprising awareness cab hide!
  • In these 365 days your big subjects take form and expand, meaning it can come to a maximum stress field between two poles: with this challenge the process of awareness starts. In the end you will be better stabilized and grounded.

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