... It's about being part of a constant rhythm. Like a circuit training that makes sure nothing comes too short.

The idea of the circuit training illustrates very well what is meant: flow of two-six-o deconstructs consciousness in 260 different facets and practices these in 260 one after the other following days. Every day a different energy is focused. It exists of 20 potentials and can be combined with one of 13 dynamics. After one run of these 20 x 13 varieties, the so called 260day SPIN, all facets have been experienced once. Hereafter the SPIN starts again. Like in a circuit training there will always be stations that are easier and we have more fun with. Others again will be those where we have been trying to get away with.

Over your date of birth you are steadily connected with your 260 daily energies. That is why the daily energy on your birthday is called birth energy.

calculate your birth energy

With flow of two-six-o® you can follow a SPIN and you can recollect every day in your calendar, where daily energy is available. Further your can check up in how far your birth energy is corresponding with today's energy: can you expect an energy boost or rather head wind? Of course you can do whatever you like but some things can be done more easily in three days than today.

Generally there are no bad energies. But rejecting energy potentials and dynamics, even without knowing your doing so, these show up in doubt, self-criticism and drama outside you.

flow of two-six-o® is your daily companion and makes you aware of these changing energies with all kinds of inspiring tools, so that you can appreciate more and more the natural flow of time qualities.
This flow has always been there, you're just realizing it now. With your aware decision you engage with it like stepping into a ski lift. And there, it is much easier to get up. You do less and accomplish more. Which leads to a better work-life-balance. And more fun.
Eventually you will not need this coaching anymore, because you're connected again.

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