A crazy BLUE MONKEY-moment is -
watching a T-Rex trying to suck a lollipop.

this day-energy combines
the potential

blue monkey

focus on inner child
other possible topics:
  • impartiality
  • innocent trust
but also:
  • too earnest and missing humor
with the dynamic

3 – activate!

THREE brings rhythm and creativity. This dynamic brings movement into the game. Decide clearly, for on what you really want to work on.

A harmonic YELLOW STAR-moment is -
to watch a soap-bubble being about to freeze in the cold winter air.

yellow star

backs you up!
this potential is your cuddly teddy bear and will always understand you
  • eye for details
  • art
  • social activities

A visionary BLUE EAGLE-moment is -
stepping back to perceive that the solution was always there just in front of you.

blue eagle

gives you
this potential is your light in the dark and leads you out of tricky situations
  • superior duties
  • global awareness
  • engagement

A nourishing RED DRAGON-moment is -
to feel basic trust in your well-being after having lost your ID and credit cards in the middle of nowhere.

red dragon

challenges you!
this potential is your kryptonite, but opposites only attract to create a new balance
  • oral supplementary satisfaction
  • attack of egoism
  • have I really deserved this?

A cleansing RED MOON-moment is -
to let out what you have held back a long time without necessarily offending others.

red moon

is the current wave –
all day-energies respond
13 days long to its command

I came in like a wrecking ball... persistent blockades will find their master (that's you) with this wave and have hardly any chance anymore. But it can become to a heavy battle. With RED MOON and the enormous force of gravity of the "universal water", wave 17 brings all that what is scattered in your thoughts and that is blocked in your life to flow again. This movement carries the immersion into the memory of what you are and for what you are here for – through yourself, and not in dependency of any outer Bling-Bling, doctrines or Gurus. Therefore, this wave is warmly suggested as healing against self-rejection and negative self-criticism. Increasing realization further helps to overcome ego-problems. This wave transports your sense of responsibility, even if you rely too much on your instinct and forget to put on your brain. Expand into this potential and discover you're over average mystic gauge that is concealed behind many of your irrational decisions. Generally speaking these days in the Flow-Universe are ideal for being used to clarify your actions. Finally RED MOON invites you to be surrounded with people who support you in that what you really are. As conscious flow-rider with this wave you will get rid of those last obstacles that stand in your way for your long-term project. The goal is within your grasp.
Unconscious Mud-Wrestlers will possibly experience an increase in their already existing addictive behavior as a helpless drifting away in the waters of forgetfulness. That was dope, man...
A strong influence of doctrines of mass consciousness can be recognized. In the shade of this wave eccentricity is at home. The need of acknowledgement from the outside will possibly emerge when deep lying inferiority complex are not totally solved. How boring! Open up for knowingness and reboot your memory!

„high octane“ VERSUS “hakuna matata”
Your new birth year has following aims:
  • to unravel all sorts of blockades
  • through the strength of your inner child
  • challanged to overcome your angst.
  • Take care: behind great earnestness surprising awareness can hide!
  • In these 365 days your big subjects will be confronted with a great lot of movement. Things will start to become simpler and develop. Here, creativity is a central engine and generates an enormous shear force. Now things fall into their place: you know what it's going to be about. If there is more than one choice you will have to make a decision.

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