A here and now RED EARTH-moment is -
feeling so connected to all of creation that you do not even have to hug someone.

this day-energy combines
the potential

red earth

focus on social network
other possible topics:
  • synchronization
  • including all areas of life in one’s own action
but also:
  • living in the past
with the dynamic

4 – define!

FOUR brings order and determination. This dynamic establishes the platform for producibility and becoming shape. Use the clarity and accept the defined aim of the wave.

An eloquent WHITE WIND-moment is -
being full of inspiring thoughts after a breathtaking movie, not knowing what to talk about first.

white wind

backs you up!
this potential is your cuddly teddy bear and will always understand you
  • follow impulses
  • give things a form
  • unite differences

A curious RED SKYWALKER-moment is -
a food-hunter looking for an unknown ingredient in a remote Asian village.

red skywalker

gives you
this potential is your light in the dark and leads you out of tricky situations
  • becoming an adventurer
  • expand
  • crossing borders

A self-healing BLUE HAND-moment is -
a man with chronic back pain starts talking tenderly to his spine.

blue hand

challenges you!
this potential is your kryptonite, but opposites only attract to create a new balance
  • to be hounded
  • sexually adventurous
  • not being able to end things

An enchanting WHITE WIZARD-moment is -
leaving the magic wand in your pocket so that others can make their own experiences.

white wizard

is the current wave –
all day-energies respond
13 days long to its command

If there's something wrong in the neighborhood – who your're gonna call? White! Wizard!... the 2nd wave reinforces with the potential of WHITE WIZARD all that inspires you to discover deeper lying layers of your consciousness that lie beyond rationalism, and to penetrate the haze of different realities. In the Flow-Universe this potential brings for instance subjects like "timelessness" into your consciousness and invites you to enhance our receptiveness for forces that are not bound to time and space. If you started a project in the last wave, now withdraw your active work on it a bit, so that you may be supported in a "magical" way. These days transport so called "coincidents" that are simply to be "perceived". A further central subject is the realization of your own powers in deep connection with yourself and your knowledge of your heart. Power is here rather a passive than active and aggressive approach. WHITE WIZARD supports you to experience your life with your heart and thus to receive a magical lightness that may as well enchant your surroundings. In this state of transparency you allow the power to simply flow through you instead of meaning you are producing it. Be a conscious flow-rider and overcome complex and entangled relationships that possibly have for longer done you no good. Only this way you will reach real integrity.
Unconscious Mud-Wrestlers possibly experience rising compulsive checking and top-heaviness. Signs of a spiritual world are being ignored and thus they miss the chance to get the flow. In the shade of this wave a stronger need of approval and acknowledgement from the outside may emerge. A rising insensibility then often takes a sarcastic and sneering, maybe even aggressive, form: Therefore: let the magic proceed – and don't constantly ask: "how was I?"

„learn from vegetables“ VERSUS “this was Divine Intervention!“
Your new birth year has following aims:
  • to show you the next dimension of love
  • through the strength of synchronization
  • challenged to finish things at last.
  • Take care: a flexible position can maintain surprising awareness!
  • In these 365 days your big subject(s) that you have consciously activated last year, will be tested of their produciblity. Unimagined clearness is available to you in order to bring structure into your affairs. You have taken three years to fiddle around – at the end of this year it is clear where the voyage goes. Take the offers that are available.

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