• potential

    The 20 potentials are derived from the symbols of the so called universal Maya-calendar that is based on the Mayan ritual calendar „Tzolkin". They represent, in the style of C.G. Jung, archetypes of our collective (Western) sub consciousness. Here attributes are transferred and can be used for your daily inspiration. The power of association gains access to these potentials and not psychological explanations. Definitely a challenge for top-heavy people!
    Potentials are just energy. And energy is here to serve you.
  • dynamic

    Dynamics give potentials a twist, influences them into a certain direction, similar to the fact that people differ in their mentality.
    So, for instance in the Flow-universe BLUE HAND and dynamics 2 pulls its power from conflicts, whereas BLUE HAND and dynamics 7 feeds from a mystic ease.
  • day-energy

    The combination of potential and dynamics is called day-energy. Thirteen one another following day-energies make a WAVE, 260 day-energies are a SPIN.
  • field of potentials (only in PRO-Version)

    In the Flow-Universe every day-energy appears with an entourage of energies, so that you are always surrounded by a field of potentials. These energies support you, know your emergency exit, know how to push your button or even surprise you at times. And yet, there is always the following centre point: the expansion of your consciousness in the NOW-Moment.
  • guide

    draws the contact to your inner powers, for instance in crisis moments, and encourages your awareness of your true self.
  • back up

    Encourages you, and can be understood as a wingman. It creates unison. Too much of it intensifies stagnation and lethargy.
  • challenge

    kicks your butt in order to produce a counter balance. Look in her face, challenge wants to strengthen you and bring you forward.
  • surprise

    makes you aware of your blind spots. Days with this potential are like a zoom assistant: they endow you with a surprise or unexpected insights.
  • birth-energy

    potential and dynamic on the day of your birth picture what you have brought along – your core-competences so to say. This is your Avatar that accompanies your SPIN
  • SPIN

    Every SPIN is a natural circle of growth and lasts 260 days. You can either experience it day for day or accompany with it a long term project. After 260 days the day-energies start from the beginning, but on a higher level. Because: the SPIN is not a circle but an ascending helix.
  • wave

    13 after one and other following days compose a so called WAVE that is named after the potential with which it begins. All the 13 days within a WAVE serves the leading potential. Similar to a wave, the powers build up slowly until they unload and gradually connect with a whole
  • birth-wave

    the wave in which our birth energy lies is called birth-wave and gives information about the central issue in your life, which you would like to achieve. For most of us this is a longtime project, but one that affects our life at the moment as well.
  • portal-day

    The SPIN has 52 portal-days, which are ideal I order to work on an old legacy or catch up with things we have neglected.
  • The Mayas

    The old Mayas are considered as masters of mathematics and the discoverers of the number 0. They left us the idea of time qualities. Over hundreds of years their priests observed the sky and derived from the movement of the stars a spiritual cycle of 260 days. Concerning their belief time is not a linear quantity with which you can measure the distance to your next heart-attack. No, time is an ascending helix that makes a new quality available to you and automatically – by nature so to say – cares for growth and expansion.
  • flow of two-six-o®

    practices this game for over ten years, since 2013 under this label. Intensive experiences in exercising this method, countless discussions and serious research have made this complex cosmology with an old tradition to a simple exercisable tool for daily use.

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