A balancing WHITE WORLDBRIDGER-moment is -
to deeply enjoy that finally everything is out of control.

this day-energy combines
the potential

white worldbridger

focus on letting go
other possible topics:
  • to unfold
  • liberation
but also:
  • helping syndrome
with the dynamic

8 – harmonize!

EIGHT brings harmony and resonance. This dynamic expresses the highest power of realization the wave has to offer. Full speed ahead! No ideal time for vacation.

A curious RED SKYWALKER-moment is -
a food-hunter looking for an unknown ingredient in a remote Asian village.

red skywalker

backs you up!
this potential is your cuddly teddy bear and will always understand you
  • freedom
  • perceive variety
  • wish to retrieve

A warm-hearted WHITE DOG-moment is -
to discover that feelings are the decisive force in your life.

white dog

gives you
this potential is your light in the dark and leads you out of tricky situations
  • to see the good things in people
  • companionship
  • relatedness

A fearless YELLOW WARRIOR-moment is -
knowing exactly which questions to ask without playing arrogant games.

yellow warrior

challenges you!
this potential is your kryptonite, but opposites only attract to create a new balance
  • intellectual arrogance
  • absent ability to feel the spiritual leadership
  • absent trust in your inner wisdom

A transforming BLUE STORM-moment is -
the silent mist on the warm forest soil after a violent cloud-burst.

blue storm

is the current wave –
all day-energies respond
13 days long to its command

45 seconds till pencils down... After the last wave drew back "letting-go" into your main memory, it is now your final examination for your master degree as a conscious person. In this mostly experienced as a very intensive boot camp, BLUE STORM is your drill instructor: final call for all aspects of self-renewal, clearance and transformation. In this time slot no one will be able to bumble through. Last fears and negative pictures may appear. If you now agree, renewal can be performed very fast and manifest itself as result in your life very quickly. This wave asks you to overcome dependencies of all kinds, as for instance wanting to belong or needing to fit somewhere special. The "die-and-become"-principle of the 7th wave supports you for instance to leave behind feelings of deep despair or the illusion of being disconnected. Expand into this potential and transport all your experiences instead of denying them. In these days emotional release can have a clearing effect. BLUE STORM further strengthens your power of improvisation and increases receptiveness. But be careful of too much input! Has your long-term project survived the last wave and has become appropriate to yourself you can now relax and become active. Support works like a charm.
Those in the Flow-Universe who deny their spiritual development will possibly create a strong pressure in their life. So you may notice restlessness and escapism as a unconscious Mud-Wrestler. It can also come to an enforcement of addiction, dependencies and fear of loss. But, if you accept the offer, an enormous quantum leap is imminent. You will live in a way that you have never lived before. It's going to be majestic!

“serving with subservience" VERSUS “kneeling for pleasure”
Your new birth year has following aims:
  • to conduct you in self-renewal
  • through the strength of letting go
  • challenged to dissolve entanglements.
  • Take care: behind struggle and resistance surprising awareness can hide!
  • In these 365 days you experience your highest strength of realization and maximum support for your plans. You now have thought enough, out balanced, felt and noticed. Expect from now on many resonances from the outer world as well as ultimate possibilities. If you are clear with yourself, all activities will have a penetrating power. After refilling last year it says now "full speed ahead". No ideal time for vacation.

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