... in a grand scale and in a small one. The Galaxy circles around its centre, electrons around their core. Matter is supposed to even only exist through vibration. And quantum physics even add: objects are not things but choices for our awareness. There, where our awareness looks, possibilities become self-conscious experience. Everything is one rhythm, and one dances with the other. And, we are the ones who can make the choices.
How about you? Are you part of this dancing expansion? Are you responding with the vibrations of your world? Do you make aware choices?

Are you devoted to your expansion, to that what is in you, that you would like to realize and that makes you happy? Or are you sitting in an ego-express, taking a ride through a chaotic world full of conflicts and obstacles? Confused by an idea that you could be alone and without connection to others? Is every day a Groundhog-Day and Mondays are the worst? 

flow of of two-six-o offers you a new perspective on your daily routine. In the flow-universe life is full of awareness, intuition and knowingness flavored with a dash of magic.

This does not happen with an intellectual concept that one has to understand but by applied awareness every day.
Your next Monday can be a crazy BLUE MONKEY day, on the eleventh position of the Mighty Aphrodity RED DRAGON wave, where letting go brings you to a whole new level. And as icing on the cake the WHITE DOG Potential will take care of further surprises. And here: your glass is not only half-full anymore, there is no glass because you're drinking directly out of a magnum bottle.

If you dare this playful change of perspective, you will perceive yourself far more awake within your environment. By a more open awareness an unusual synchronicity will employ itself. Let's see what happens next.

flow of two-six-o turns your daily life into an application of consciousness. A hundred thousand people worldwide live this rhythm and thus create a gigantic field of force. What are waiting for? Plug into positive energies and constructive visions. Step back and let the energies guide you. Less pushing, just allowing. Let awareness create a new reality.

Consciousness has never been so available.

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