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Klaus Rödel



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The legal notes on our pages are binding for all visitors! Our pages are / will be created by friends exclusively for (friends) people! We forbid all natural and legal persons to use our pages and ask them to leave immediately!

We invite all those people to our circle of friends (FK) who are peace-loving and friends of the respective topic. Our topics include self-healing, consciousness, global peace, sustainable living, new building paradigms, and the Circle of Friends model as an alternative new community model. Participation in the FK is free and not bound to any legal contract. Each FK member has to comply with the FK rules. Natural and legal persons and organizations are generally excluded from the Circle of Friends; they are strictly forbidden to visit our Internet pages!

We serve our friends, the common good and creation. We act free of commercial intentions and for the highest good of all. Business is by definition only possible between persons: friends do not do business with friends! Material (=energetic) and time expenditures that arise from sharing with friends may be compensated energetically. In which way resp. with which means this compensation takes place is chosen freely and consensually by the friends involved.

Our circle of friends is private, non-legal, not registered, non-denominational, non-political and non-religious. We do not identify with any legal construct / legal form such as GmbH, gGmbh, GbR, AG, association, cooperative. The compulsion to adopt a legal form and thereby belong to an association would mean "modern slavery". Slavery is internationally outlawed.
Our private circle of friends uses the international private law and is outside of the commercial law! We strongly reject any kind of forced commercialization, forced registration and forced administration and refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (OHCHR) Article 20:

1. All people have the right to assemble peacefully and to form associations.
2. no one may be forced to belong to an association.

According to the second article "Material Scope" paragraph 2c of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), this regulation does not apply to our private circle of friends!

(2) This Regulation shall not apply to the processing of personal data [...] by natural persons for the exercise of exclusively personal or family activities,

Conscientiously we share with our friends means, methods and knowledge. We are neither journalists, nor editors. Therefore, all data / information in the form of text, images and other audio-visual data are expressly not journalistic or editorial contributions or articles, but friendly recommendations and impulses for friends! In general, our pages are free of journalistic-editorial offers. We do not give medical, technical or other advice in the conventional sense, but only impulses and friendly advice. In particular, we cannot make any promises of healing, since a holistic, lasting cure is only possible from within each individual. We do not assume any liability or responsibility. We do not accept any responsibility for the following reasons:

Every human being is responsible for his own life. To give away responsibility leads to the collective irresponsibility!
We have no influence on how our advice / our impulses are received, interpreted and applied.
Each human being / organism reacts (=responds) individually to means and methods, so that e.g. a physical response is not completely predictable. We cannot influence this response 100%, so that a residual uncertainty always remains for which we assume no responsibility.
We do not assume any guarantee, but encourage everyone to do their own research. Generally our pages are free of advertising. We do not advertise our own products or those of others.

Paragraph five "General information obligations" of the Telemedia Act exempts all pages of our private circle of friends from the "imprint obligation":

"(1) Service providers have to keep the following information easily recognizable, directly accessible and permanently available for business-like telemedia usually offered against payment: [...]".

We emphatically point out that we are neither a "service provider" nor do we act in a "businesslike" manner!

The first paragraph "Scope" of the Telemedia Act (TMG) paragraph five generally exempts our private circle of friends from the regulations of the TMG:

"This law neither makes regulations in the area of international private law nor does it regulate the jurisdiction [...]".

The legal process is excluded!


Our service is built upon trust and love. We act as human to human and friend to friend. Based on our decision to create an environment, where humanity between each other has priority, we love to provide you our knowledge, wisdom and truth. Please reflect and feel by your own, if our service resonate with you.

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