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We prepare the free flow of two-six-o® for your Android or Apple Phone. You can learn about the daily energies with all basics aspects like potentials, dynamics and waves.

We are very happy, about your appreciation for the development of the App and further products.
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If you leave your contact details, we will contact you and offer you 20mins for your individual signature reading.

Holistic roundtrip Mexico

You want to have a deep dive into the source of flow two six o?
Then book now a roundtrip to mexico and visit some of the major maya pyramindes. The program includes also alot of meditations and spiritual rituals to find your sence and happiness in life.

Please book now here.

Online Diary

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You already like journaling? The flow of two-six-o®-Online Diary brings this experience to a whole new level. Submit to your own personal online diary hand in hand with the daily energies.

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