... Visit the flow of two-six-o® online calendar once a day or get the flow of two-six-o Free-App on your smartphone. Get inspired by the power of association.

Either you visit flow of two-six-o® right in the morning to see what the new day brings or you look in at the end of the day to map what you have experienced today.
If you have fun doing this, then get the flow of two-six-o Pro-App with further exciting features.

Use the time qualities and dig deeper when something feels strange. Find days and waves that seem right for the realization of plans. Go into resonance with what is really going on.

Please note: at first flow of two-six-o® may look like a sort of horoscope that tells you what to do or maybe even like a personalized future analysis.

But, as soon as you start to adjust playfully with flow of two-six-o® you will experience that you can make your own decisions, and shape and design your life with more awareness.

And this is what we believe.
Since 2013 for those who are aware of it, destiny, predetermination and prophecy do not exist anymore.

Lawrence of Arabia was right: nothing is written.

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